NBAA Vol. 7 Chapter 3 Part 2


“Damn it!”

Reito used his great sword as a shield to block the attack, and his eyes widened at the speed.

He hadn’t expected his opponent to use the “Shippuken” combat technique.

He was able to read his opponent’s attack moves and successfully defend himself, but if he had made a wrong move, he would have died.

Jannu continued to deliver sharp blows.

“Continuous Strike!!”



Jannu launched “Continuous Strikes”, which Shizune also used, and without a moment’s pause, she delivered her next slash.

However, this slash happened to hit Reito with the hilt of the great sword.

Reito immediately kicked at Jannu.

“Kick Strike!!”


Reito’s kick hit Jannu’s arm and sent her flying. Jannu felt her arm go numb from the unexpected force of the kick.

Reito judged that he had the upper hand when it came to strength.

(She doesn’t seem like an opponent I can’t beat by any means… All right then.)

Reito, determined, raised his great sword.

Jannu, seeing this, looked astonished.

Reito held the great sword with one hand and pressed his left hand against the blade. Jannu was puzzled by this strange stance, but she immediately regained her composure and took a stance with her own sword thrust out.

Reito’s attack power is tremendous. Let’s finish him off with a “Thrust” sword technique, that has the fastest initial speed. – Jannu thought, and called out to Reito.

“I will…”

“You don’t have to declare every single time.”

“I’m sorry…haaaa!”

Jannu jumped forward and unleashed her signature “Shippuken” and “Thrust” techniques at the same time. She also sent her wind attribute magic power into the Magic Marks carved into her longsword.

“Storm Thrust!!”

She said this in high spirits and released her own special sword attack.

Jannu wrapped her blade in a tornado of wind magic and thrust it toward Reito’s shoulder. Originally, she had forbidden the use of this technique against human opponents because it was too dangerous, but she decided that she had to be serious with Reito.

(It looks similar to the spiral spear used by Mina…but!!)

Reito moved forward without fear of the long sword blade that was approaching him. Then, remembering Shizune’s actions from earlier, he thrust out his great sword as well.

His target was not Jannu’s body, but her long sword.

As he thrust out his sword, Reito activated the “Enchantment Boost” with his left hand.

“Piercing Impact!!”


Reito combined the “Thrust” technique with the “Strike Blade” technique, and further strengthened his blade with the “Enchantment Boost”.

The moment their sword tips collided, the magical power of the tornado and gravity mixed together, creating a violent shock wave that sent both of them flying backwards at the same time.

“Ouch ouch…”

“No way, even my ‘Storm Thrust’ is…”

Reito stood up and looked at Bal’s great sword and saw that the blade had a gouged out scar on it. If he didn’t repair it with the “High Speed Shape Change” skill, Bal would probably strike him with lightning.

Meanwhile, Jannu was also looking at her own long sword. This one wasn’t broken, but the blade was slightly chipped.

“You two have gone too far.”

Kotomin said, looking shocked.

Taking that as a cue, Jannu released the tension from her body and spoke to Reito.

“Let’s stop here for now. If we do any more, our weapons will break.”

“I would be grateful if you could do that…I have learned a lot.”

“Ah no… I am the one who should be grateful for listening to my selfishness.”

When Reito extended his hand, Jannu hastily took it as well, and the two shook hands.

After shaking hands, Jannu returned her sword to its sheath and bowed.

“I didn’t expect you to be as good as you are. Will you be participating in the Battle Festival?”

“Ah, I’m sorry. I can’t participate due to family reasons.”

“I-I see… family reasons, huh?”

Jannu looked suspicious at Reito’s words.

Then, Kotomin offered a helping hand.

“Don’t interfere with our complicated families.”


Jannu apologized politely, but her expression was one of regret.

“Will you fight me again?”

“Sure… in that case, see you next time.”

“Thank you!!”

Jannu smiled, shook Reito’s hand again, and after a short conversation, left the training ground.

As for Reito, it was painful for him to have to lie to her, but he was pleased to see the Swordmaster’s swordplay before the match. In particular, seeing the opponent’s special sword attack was a great benefit


After leaving the Black Tiger Adventurer’s Guild, Jannu looked at her sword and sighed.

Her current sword was a replacement, and she had left her beloved sword in the hands of a blacksmith. The other day, when she had to fight a certain demon, the blade had been chipped and was in the process of being repaired.

“Reito… I didn’t know there was a swordsman of that caliber.”

Despite his small stature, the boy could handle a large sword and possessed uncommonly monstrous strength and reflexes. He also had the strength to defeat Jannu’s “Storm Thrust”.

Jannu clenched her fist and vowed that next time she would challenge him with all her might, along with her beloved sword.

“Hmm, is that…?”

With great determination, she thought about returning to the guild to continue her training, when she happened to spot a woman she recognized. However, something seemed wrong.

The woman was staring at the Black Tiger building while hiding in the shadows.

Although they were fellow adventurers in the same guild, Jannu personally felt uncomfortable with her. Not wanting to deal with her, she went back to her own guild.


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