NBAA Vol. 7 Chapter 3 Part 3

After Jannu left, Reito went to the training grounds to examine the condition of Bal’s great sword.

The damage to the great sword was worse than he had expected, and he frowned.

“Aaaah… Bal’s great sword is in bad shape now.”

“Will you apologize?”

“No, I’ll cover it up with a disguise. If you put the blade back on like this… you see, it’s no problem.”

Reito used “High Speed Shape Change” to return Bal’s great sword to its original form. However, only its appearance was restored, and its durability has decreased. 

Kotomin cheered when she saw this.

“Oh… then I want you to repair Reito’s favorite cup that I broke and hid earlier.”

“Oh, you were the one who hid it!! That’s why I couldn’t find it no matter where I looked!!”


Reito slapped Kotomin on the buttocks, and she covered her buttocks in embarrassment. Reito thought that Ullr or Suramin had hidden his favorite cup somewhere as a prank.

After giving Kotomin a quick lecture, Reito turned his attention back to the great sword. Then he remembered the sword technique he had used at the end of the previous battle.

(If I use “Enchantment Boost”, can the “Gravity Blade” draw that kind of power?)

“Enchantment Boost” was able to amplify magic the more magic power was sent into it. Therefore, if it was a battle technique that used magic power, it could also be enhanced. Although he had unconsciously used it many times before, this was the first time he had consciously used it.

“I wonder what would happen if I applied ‘Enchantment Boost’ to ‘Limit Boost’? No, let’s not do that… It might destroy my body. Then ‘Ultra Recovery Boost’ and ‘Enchantment Boost’ would…”

“Ah, here they are!”

As Reito was thinking about how to use a new auxiliary magic that used “Enchantment Boost”, the receptionist suddenly appeared on the training ground. She looked quite panicked, and Reito wondered what had happened.

She ran up to Reito and Kotomin and grabbed their hands.

“Oh, please!! Please lend me both of your powers!!”

“W-What happened?”

“Is something wrong?”

“He-He’s injured!! And not just any injury! Please come with me!”

Reito and Kotomin looked at each other at the receptionist’s words and returned to the building in astonishment.

A large number of people had gathered at the bar attached to the guild, and in the middle of the crowd was an adventurer. Reito knew the face of the young man and had spoken to him several times.

“Everyone please move away!! Mr. Reito, please treat this person!! It looks like he was attacked by undead…”

Reito observed the young man’s condition.

The young man’s entire body was covered in black spots. It looked like he had been cursed.

“This is terrible, is it a curse?”

“Somebody get me some water.”


After hearing Kotomin’s words, one of the guild members went to get some water.

With cursed wounds like this, healing potions were useless. The best way to treat it was with holy attribute recovery magic.

Unfortunately, there were no healing magicians in the Black Tiger Guild. Reito and Kotomin were the only people in the guild who could use healing magic.

“I’ll heal you right away. Wait a minute…”

“W-What’s wrong, Mr. Reito?”

“No, I just remembered something I wanted to try.”

Although he felt guilty because it seemed like he was using the young man for an experiment, Reito pressed both hands on the young man’s body and activated the auxiliary magic “Ultra Recovery Boost” and “Enchantment Boost” at the same time.

The next moment, the young man’s body was covered with a white light, and the spots on his skin instantly disappeared. The surrounding people were astonished at the sight.

When the light faded, the young man regained consciousness.

“Uh, where am I…”

“Oh! You’re awake!”

“Good for you!!”

“Guys? I-I see…I’ve been saved.”

Seeming to understand his situation, the young man looked at his body and breathed a sigh of relief.

Reito was also relieved to see that the “Ultra Recovery Boost” had been successfully enhanced.

“I’m glad,” Reito said. “Let’s see… What’s your name?”

“Eh, what are you talking about? Have you forgotten my name!? It’s Garuru Forn Lerolerolero!!”

“Is that really such a long name? Actually, the last part just sounds like you’re licking a cherry…”

“I didn’t get my turn.”

Kotomin, who had received the bucket of water and walked over to them, expressed her disappointment.

Her healing magic wouldn’t work without the presence of water. Although it seemed inconvenient, on the contrary, it was possible to heal any injury with water. Also, since it didn’t consume as much magic power as Reito’s magic, it could treat a large number of people in an environment where water was present.

“So what happened to you, Lerolerolero?”

When Reito asked, Garuru had a confused look on his face.

“No, I’d prefer you to call me Garuru…Actually, I was in need of money, so I started subjugating monsters in the sewers. Suddenly, I was attacked by a black-furred wolf. I was able to defeat it, but as soon as it bit me on the arm, I developed black spots and… managed to escape all the way here.”

“Black wolf?”

“Is there such a monster in the sewers?”

The surrounding adventurers whispered to each other.

The sewers under Adventure Cities were often inhabited by monsters. As a result, the Adventurers’ Guilds frequently received requests to subdue monsters.

The city’s sewers were so vast that three adventurers’ guilds cooperated to fulfill the requests. Reito recalled that Mina and her friends were also subjugating monsters in the sewers the other day.

The adventurers were still whispering.

“There’s a dog-shaped monster in the sewers? That’s a bit unbelievable…”

“Monsters with good noses don’t usually settle here…”

When Garuru heard these words, he yelled in anger.

“It really is out there!! And it’s undead!! Otherwise, there’s no way my body would be cursed!!”

“Calm down. It’s not like I have any doubts…”

The people around him had confused expressions upon hearing the young man’s words. Monsters with a strong sense of smell rarely appeared in the sewers.

It was common knowledge among adventurers that wolf monsters, in particular, were unlikely to appear in the sewers due to their keen sense of smell. The only monsters that appeared were low-class species such as goblins.

One of the adventurers asked Garuru.

“Do you have any proof that the wolf is undead?”

“The wolf had an eye popping out of its head when I first encountered it. And when I killed it, there was hardly any blood… I’m sure of it! It’s undead!”

“But why do the undead stay in the sewers?”

“Who gives a shit!!”

Garuru got angry, but the receptionist calmed him down.

“Well, well…we’ll send an investigator from the guild to look into it. Mr. Garuru should also rest in the medical room for a while.”


Garuru nodded at those words and was carried by another person into the medical room.

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