TWEM Vol. 6 Chapter 18 Part 2


After a while, Finne took over as the driver, and I went into subspace.

I found Kuzel and Char fighting against Zero.

Zero seemed quite relaxed and was teaching them while saying, “Hmm. There are still some rough spots.”

After finishing the spar with Zero, the two collapsed onto their backs.

“Kuzel, isn’t Zero too strong?”

“That’s right, Char. Because Zero is over level 250.”

“Eh? Over level 250?”

Char’s eyes widened on hearing Zero’s level.

“Zero is the strongest dragon. He’s just in human form right now.”

“D-Dragon… an amazing person works as Haruto’s butler.”

“Well, even Zero can’t hold a candle to Sebas.”

Kuzel laughed and looked at Zero.

Indeed, as Kuzel said, Zero was not as impressive as Sebas, the master who trained him as a butler.

”Yes, I am grateful to Sebas-dono. Thanks to him, I was able to become a full-fledged butler.”

Zero looked happy as he said that.

I walked over to the three of them and cast a recovery magic on Kuzel and Char, who were both lying on their backs.

“You three, thank you for your hard work.”

“Haruto? You saved me.”

“Thank you, Haruto.”

“It’s not a big deal.”

I reached out to the two of them, took their hands, and helped them to their feet.

“That’s right. Next time, let’s make it a two-on-one match between Haruto and us.”

Kuzel’s glare was directed at me.

Oh, man, I can’t say no to this… No, I don’t mind.

“I have some free time, so I’ll do it. Zero, can you stand guard outside while you read a book or something?”

“Yes, sir. Then I’ll take my leave.”

Zero went back first.

After that, Kuzel, Char, and I fought to our hearts’ content.

After a while, Kuzel and Char were there lying on their backs.

I cast recovery magic on the two of them.

“See, you feel much better now, don’t you?”

“That helps, Haruto.”

“Thank you.”

“Well, why don’t you go take a bath in the hot tub and get yourselves cleaned up?”

At my suggestion, Kuzel and Char went to the mansion in subspace with bright faces.

After relaxing in the bath, we decided to cool off in the living room.

By the way, we did not bathe together. We took separate baths.

While the three of us were chatting, Char asked Kuzel a question.

“Kuzel, can I ask you something?”

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“Why isn’t Kuzel Haruto’s fiancée? Everyone else is like that, so I’m sure that’s the case…”

When I turned my head at those words, Kuzel’s face was bright red.

And her mouth kept opening and closing in fluster.

“T-That’s right, that’s it…”

“Is it because you don’t like Haruto?”

“I-I’m sure that’s not true!”

Kuzel denied it eagerly.

At that moment, I saw Char’s mouth turn into a smile.

I got a bad feeling about this, and a cold sweat broke out.

Could this trend be…

“Are you sure?”

Hearing Char’s words, Kuzel turned away.

However, her cheeks were slightly red.

“Are you sure?”

At the second question, Kuzel’s eyes turned to Char.

Kuzel put her mouth next to Char’s ear and said something, but I couldn’t hear anything.

I feel like running away from this situation.

Then, Char turned to Kuzel, her expression hardening.

“Then you should definitely tell Haruto. I’ll go back first, so you two can take your time. I’ll inform everyone first.”

Char said that with a smile, and she left the subspace.

There was an uncomfortable air between me and Kuzel, who stayed behind.

What should I do…Are you telling me to do something about this atmosphere?

When I looked at Kuzel, I saw her glance at me and blushed.

I wanted things to continue as usual here!?

I had never seen this side of Kuzel before, so I couldn’t help but scoff in my head.

Silence reigned for a while, but it was Kuzel who spoke first, not me.


Kuzel looked at me with her pinkish face and called my name.

“…what’s up?”

Kuzel asked shyly, fidgeting, not like the usual Kuzel.

“I wonder if it’s okay for me too…? I’m a little nervous, huh?”

I won’t bother asking what.

But what was she afraid of? Kuzel wasn’t that kind of girl, was she?

“You have your own good qualities, don’t you, Kuzel?”


It seems like she didn’t understand.

“That’s right. I like Kuzel because of your toughness, your love of fighting, and all that.”


Kuzel’s face turned even more red at my words.

Yes. Before I knew it, I had begun to like Kuzel.

Then Kuzel stared straight at me.

“—I think I fell in love with you before I realized it.”

She paused and spoke again with determination.

“Haruto, I-I love you.”

She was probably more embarrassed than ever.

Kuzel was blushing up to her neck.

We looked at each other and were about to kiss when something interrupted us—


Iris and the others entered the living room.

Kuzel and I instantly separated and acted as if nothing had happened.

“W-What happened?”

“Aaaaaiiiiiris. W-What’s wrong?”

Both Kuzel and I were tense and our tongues were in a twist.

“I heard it from Char!”

When I looked at Char, she gave a thumbs up as if to say, “Looks like you made it.”

Finne smiled next to me.

“Now you’re one of the engaged couples, Kuzel.”

Finne said, smiling as she took Kuzel’s hand.

“Kuzel, let’s all get along.”

“I’ve been waiting to see when Kuzel would confess her feelings to Haruto, and it looks like she finally did.”

“We knew that Kuzel liked Haruto.”

“I see. Haruto-san didn’t seem to notice.”

“Haruto, you should thank me. Kuzel, thank you again for your continued support.”

Finne, Iris, Suzuno, Ephyr, and Char said this to us.

And so that night, we had a banquet to celebrate Kuzel becoming one of my fiancées.

Looking at everyone’s happy faces, I enjoyed a party with just my companions for the first time after a long time.

The next day, the trip continued without a hitch.

It didn’t take long for Char to open up to everyone, and she enjoyed mock battles with Kuzel, Finne, and the others.

Meanwhile, I decided to use my free time to make Kuzel’s sword. It’s something I wanted to make in my treasure room one day.

First, I took out some metals from the different space storage and used the alchemy skill to turn them into an alloy.

The synthesized metal had a beautiful scarlet color like Kuzel’s hair.

I immediately appraised it.



Scarlet Crystal




A rare magic metal made by combining multiple metals and Haruto’s magical power.


Yeah. There’s nothing wrong with the material.

Next, I imagined the shape of a sword that would suit Kuzel and activated the skill refinement.

Crimson magic exploded and the metal changed shape.

After a while, the transmutation ended, and I picked up the completed sword.

It was a double-edged longsword, similar to the ones that Kuzel usually used, but it was decorated with not-too-fancy ornaments and shone in scarlet.

It was a very beautiful sword.

Then I appraised the finished sword.



Camellia Flower Sword




User is immobilized. Double the power of the user’s combat skills in battle. Mental Fortitude is greatly increased.



Isn’t this…the perfect sword for Kuzel?

Since Mental Fortitude would increase, I believe the chances of her losing her self-awareness under the influence of her unique skill was greatly reduced.

And that night, I presented Kuzel with this sword.

“Is this my sword…?”

Kuzel stared at the sword in my hand, her eyes shining.

“Because I promised to make it for you.”

“Ah!! T-Thank you… I’ll cherish it. By the way, what kind of effect does it have? From what I see, I think it’s some kind of magic sword.”

Kuzel’s prediction was correct.

When I explained the effect, Kuzel’s eyes widened.

“That’s a ridiculous effect.”

“By the way, the rarity is Phantasm.”

Almost everyone had a look on their face as if to say, “Well, this is natural for Haruto,’” but only Char was surprised and panicked.

“Wait, isn’t the Phantasm on the level of a national treasure? Haruto, how are you able to create something like that!?”

“I don’t know why, but it’s because of my skills…all of my skills are level 10, so I can do something like this easily.”

Char looked at me as if she saw something crazy.

Although I was a little hurt, I thanked God.

It was all thanks to God that I’ve become this strong.

Then, while Char bombarded me with questions about what kind of skills I had, and Kuzel asked me to help her try out the new sword, it was getting quite late.

That night, after everyone fell asleep.

Alone at the camp, I rested my back on my partner, Maguro, and checked my status again.



Haruto Yuki






High Human

Extra Skill: 

Azathoth (Chaos Ruler)

Martial God

All of Creation

Skill : 

Social Arts

Language Comprehension

Title : 


Monarch of War

Monarch of Magic

Transcendent One

EX Rank Adventurer

Demon King


The World’s Strongest



The only thing that had changed since I left Perdis Kingdom was that I obtained Extreme Break in the Holy State of Belifaire.

Also, I think my level had improved significantly after defeating the devil Schwartz, Damnatio of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King’s Army, and the Black Knight after that.

I didn’t expect to acquire any new skills in the near future since I already had most of them, but that should be enough.

Besides, it’s nice to be stronger. I can protect the people I care about.

But I felt like I needed to get stronger.

If Damnatio was that strong, the Demon King would be very tough. 

There was a possibility that he was even stronger than me, and I couldn’t let my guard down.

I thought about the future, but then I remembered everyone’s sleeping faces and smiled.

“Well, I’ll think about it when the time comes.”

I stopped thinking and laid my back on Maguro and closed my eyes.



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