Vol. 3 Chapter 3 – Part 3

The intense sounds stopped.

The vibration of the earth and the atmosphere fell silent.

In the forest, in the space that was born from the last clash, the main sources were facing each other.

“Let me declare this. From here, I will become one fang.”

It was time to go all out from here.

Girard announced with the implied meaning, and released all of his power.

There were two changes.

First, the aura that covered Girard’s body slightly shook.

Second, his body trembled a little, and transformed into the appearance of a wolf.

On top of that, there was the beast’s race bonus due to the changed outward.

Though the differences between the outward appearances were small, he was neither discouraged nor unprepared. Had Girard reached that fang? That couldn’t be just a mere transformation appearance.

In contrast to Girard, Shin started to invoke magic skills as well.

“Come then. I will fight with my whole soul.”

Matching that remark, there were 7 attributes of advanced level magic skills developing around Shin.

Starting with a white flame, a water that rotates at a high velocity, then red thunder, to the earth rising from the ground like a snake, if a person who practiced magic in this world saw that, they would faint. As those magics shouldn’t be able to manifest without chanting them one by one.

However, even facing the magic skills that surrounded Shin, Girard’s expression didn’t change a bit. It was natural. If he was shaken at this point, reaching that fang would only be an empty dream.

“――――Here I come!”

Just a word. Speaking no more than that, Girard disappeared.

No, it was…


It was high-speed movement without any prior motion. Even for the advanced level chosen ones, the reaction speed was unbelievable.

However, it was not possible to shake off Shin, even with that. Even if Shin was astonished, his perceptual skill continued on grasping Girard’s movement.

Shin unleashed one of his magic skills. A crimson thunder approached Girard――――

“It won’t hit!”

Not even a graze on Girard, but the forest was burnt.

“I see!! You have reached this point, huh?!!”

Shin shouted at Girard, who avoided being struck by lightning, while having a smile on his face.

Thunder and light techniques. In magic skills, these two boasted of being the fastest; They were thought to be unavoidable. It was possible only for a small handful of people, who reached an AGI value exceeding 900, with the support skill enabled.

Girard’s AGI value had reached 800. No matter how much he tried to enhance his physical ability, 900 couldn’t be exceeded. However, Girard showed that he could dodge the thunder technique. The action that was impossible in the game, he had shown it to be possible.

“I’ve been waiting, for this time.”

Girard spoke while in a fired-up mood, and closed the distance while feeling the heat on his skin from the lightning before.

He had gone through battlefields, polished his techniques, and searched for the technique that exceeded the limit by himself.

How far had he come? To what extent could he go? Girard himself didn’t know it either.

Still, he knew one thing . He was confident.

“Now, only now――――”

Yes, he was sure at this moment.

“My fangs will reach you!!”

He accelerated.

He was faster than when he avoided being struck by lightning.

It passed even the light technique.

Girard was the at the breaking point for a man who was at the summit, as he set foot there.

His whole body screamed with the intention to fight against Shin, as he charged towards the target(Shin) before his eyes.


He drew back his fist, while maintaining top speed, with a power that was not even comparable to just several minutes ago. Girard’s blow that was approaching had one long straight beam of light behind it, while Shin held his 『True Moon』, prepared to receive the blow.

“You don’t think this attack will defeat me, do you?”

Shin told Girard, who then reacted like it was obvious.

“Of course not.”

As for Girard too, it was only natural that Shin wasn’t surprised.

Girard, who was at the boundary of men, continued stepping onto the road to the summit, and finally he achieved a view of the top. However, Shin was already there. He was not so naive, as to think that this amount of attack would surprise him.

“This is the first time I’ve seen that. How did you do that enhancement?”

“You can ask Schnee. After this battle!!!”

Girard pushed Shin aside together with a roar as he invoked the barehanded system martial arts skill 【Burst Strike】. No matter how different the stats were, mass didn’t change. If it was the current Girard, if he used 【Burst Strike】 which had a powerful knock back effect, it might be able to repel Shin forcibly.

Shin retreated while shaving the ground, and Girard attempted a second assault. There was no chance of winning if the distance increased, and he didn’t have a lot of time either. Therefore, whether or not Girard could finish his attacks in this match? It would depend on that.

The firmly stepped-on ground burst and scattered as Girard’s figure vanished.



Against the fist that was approaching from his left, Shin put up his blade. The attacks didn’t always come from behind. As Girard couldn’t do such monotonous attacks.

Before the spark went out, Girard’s figure vanished again. He was running around Shin while maintaining maximum speed, and not only from the blind spots, he struck from the front sometimes, too.

Shin was thinking. For Girard’s phenomenal ability to rise, Shin knew Girard’s limit was being exceeded. Furthermore, there was something that he was hiding.

Did he want to use magic, or bring it to close combat? Or maybe do a surprise attack? While observing Girard’s movement, Shin considered his next move.

While striking at Shin who didn’t move, Girard also thought about how to deal a single blow with all of his might.

In Girard’s judgment, Shin, who was using magic skills to move from place to place, was troublesome. Supposedly, if Shin kept freely running around, with that alone, the chances of Girard winning went down to zero.

The skills for Girard, he was not only strengthened by becoming a beast, he was enhanced through the arts, too. And strengthening his body by 3 fold, it was done by consuming his life force. The movements that exceeded Girard’s limit, were possible because he staked everything on this fight. Until he could finally fight with Shin head-on.

If he moved poorly and the distance increased, it wouldn’t just end with time running out. Nonetheless, he couldn’t continue in his present state for a long time. He had to keep up with Shin with all of his efforts. He couldn’t behave as he did earlier.

“…Now, I’ll go from here!”

With a few words, Shin kicked the ground. A flash, like he was no longer ‘going easy on someone’ was unleashed at Girard in the form of a thrust.


Girard glanced off the approaching katana with his 『Crushing Moon』, while at the same time bending his body. Although the place right beside him was blown away, Girard barely succeed in turning that brandish strike to the ground. He landed on his limbs at the same time lifting his upper body, thrusting out his fist high towards the sky.


The voices of the two people and the sound of the arms clashing overlapped in succession, and the surrounding trees were blown away from the shock.

With Shin’s activated movement system, martial arts skill 【Flying Shadow】, due to the sudden change of course, together with attacking while pursuing, Girard reacted without even seeing it.

When Shin entered Girard’s range of attack, Girard’s body moved unconsciously. Because he knew the nature of the fight from one another, Girard’s reaction was precise. Shin especially, didn’t know this world’s unique strategy, which Girard had mastered. Therefore, Girard was able to predict the skills that Shin would unleash accurately.

“I guess we don’t have much time. Shall we exchange blows!!”

Shin shouted, with his sword not one step away. He didn’t understand what kind of enhancement Girard used, but he knew this duel, it was not the right way. When the duel had become drawn-out, only Shin would have the advantage. Such a thing, was not the fight Girard hoped for.

(Girard, you don’t wish for this kind of fight, do you!!)

With that thought, Shin put his strength into the hand holding his katana.

“Answer me!! Girarrrdd!!”

Girard withdrew back, avoiding the powerful blow, and corrected his posture.

“Kuku, haha, haha, that’s right. Good grief, I got greedy since the enhancement worked smoothly, huh?”

A strained laugh unintentionally leaked out from Girard, answering Shin’s remark. What exactly was he thinking? He reserved his power for the biggest game, Shin, he shouldn’t keep thinking as if he was the same as before. Such thoughts were discarded together while he exhaled.

Does the chance of winning disappear when Shin moves? Does he have the stamina?

Such thoughts were for a person who had the time.

“No, not now. With my remaining strength, my fangs will reach yoouuu!!”

He began to run with those words. As an answer to Shin’s shout, he returned a blow right to the front.

Shin didn’t avoid it. The swung down blade was pushed up, Girard’s shout was answered.

It was a simple blow that had neither had skills nor arts. Thus, there was no need to put much thought as their weapons resounded mutually.



It was said that fellow masters didn’t need words, they spoke by the exchanging of techniques.


Thus from thereon, the two people stopped talking.

They understood, even if they didn’t speak. They communicated when their weapons crossed.

Only laughter came from their mouths.


Shin invoked the katana and water technique combined skill, 【Setsugekka*】, a single blow formed an ice blade, from outside the distance between them. (T/N: Snow, Moon and Flowers)


Girard’s fist was clad with fire, and broke the icy blade. Furthermore, he thrust out his fist in front before the flames went out.

The range shouldn’t have reached Shin. However, a mass of energy was projected out from his fist, and that fist, made up of flames, rushed towards Shin.

Barehanded flame technique combined skill【Blazing Sky】 and barehanded system martial arts skill 【Far Strike】 were put together for a counterattack.

“This sort of thing, *Burst*!!”

It was several times the normal 【Far Strike】. The bullet of fire with a width of almost 1 mel, Shin cut right in half with his katana. One of the effects bestowed upon 『True Moon』, was the nullification of magic skills that came in contact with the katana blade. Naturally, not all of the magic was erased, pure energy such as martial arts skills couldn’t be nullified. Having cut the blow that became the form of a flame technique from Girard just now, it was Shin’s height of capability.

Still, being able to cut magic, it became very handy in combat. Though it was a slightly different situation this time, he originally used it to cut barrier skills. With that alone, he could turn the tables.

Yet, it became a trap this time. Simply because Girard knew that Shin was able to cut 【Far Strike】, so he used a skill that let him wear flames.

Under the guise of a huge bullet of fire, Girard unleashed a skill while pursuing, in a situation where Shin would shake off his katana.

It was the barehanded system martial arts skill【Binding Snake】.

To obstruct the movement of the opponent, the energy with the shape of a snake hung around Shin’s arms.

“This won’t hold me!”

The restraints in front of Shin vanished, but that moment became the chance for winning the fight between the two.

“Shiden――” (T/N: This is also known as Itariden, which was mentioned in the previous part. I have changed it to Shiden.)

That moment when Shin’s movement was stopped. Girard dealt a blow with all of his might.

This was the secret that only the person who learned all of the martial arts system skills could unleash.

The pinnacle in martial arts skills.

“――Zekka*!!”(T/N: Superb)

Barehanded system martial arts skill 【Shiden • Zekka】. This skill needed only a moment before it was invoked, its movement was only a pushed out fist, right in front. It had a short reach and an even bigger opening, too.

However, for this reason, its power was top class among the many martial arts skills. If it was in PvP, it was said to be able to overturn the situation with just a single blow.

When the current Girard released it, supposedly, its power should be beyond Shin’s imaginations.

“Ku, GuoooooOO!!!”

In front of the approaching fist, Shin barely slid his 『True Moon』, at the last moment between the attack and his body. But even Shin too, was just barely able to properly parry it, as it was difficult to turn aside. Holding out was not possible, as he was blown away into the forest.

“Aaargh*cough*, as expected, it’s strong.”

Shin was blown away for dozens of mels, while some of the large trees vanished. Though it wasn’t a direct hit, it was clear that damage penetrated into his body. No matter how much of a stat differences remained to some extent, the power of the Shiden class of martial arts skills were in a different league. The forest, except for the place where Shin was, had a folding fan shape scattered for kemels away, testifying to the ferocity of that power.

Shin got up, and returned to Girard’s location. Although there was no pause time when using the skill, 【Zekka】 was a skill that had a big backlash. In the game, it became temporarily impossible to move after using it, and unnecessary damage was often received. It was not thought to be able to attack immediately after using such a skill.

Therefore, it was too late to react to an attack while being pursued from the rear.

Girard was soundless, without revealing his presence too, closing in on Shin as he glided on the ground.

He seemed to be able to totally read Shin’s thoughts perfectly, and assaulted the moment he had the chance. He suppressed his skill’s backlash forcibly, and his pupils were fiery and shined like a beast’s in a hunting game


Due to the wind technique skill, the noise of the approaching fist was gone, and the handle of Shin’s 『True Moon』 struck up. He judged the blade was good enough, rotated his body with minimal movement, and raising his opposite fist clashed against the armguard on Shin’s left arm.

The armguards clashing with each other resounded. It was a blow that could have taken off each others arms, if it was not Shin. The distance between them was only a few dozen cemels. Girard had invaded Shin’s domain.

Barehanded system martial arts 【Reverse Wave】―――― that skill was the derivation of 【Transparent Wave】 which Shin had used on the golem before. It was not a power that burst from the inside, it was a skill that broke through at a point and exploded on the outside. Though Girard was also slightly damaged from the point-blank range, he didn’t worry about such a thing anymore.

But because it was Shin, he wouldn’t remain silent when feeling the pressure gathered on his left arm. Shin immediately used 【Steel Repel】, and though the majority of the power from 【Reverse Wave】 was warded off, he couldn’t prevent his left arm from being flipped by the shock remaining.

With Shin’s damage reduced by his defense, Girard received a portion of the aftermath. As for damage, Girard who had a lot of it shouldn’t be able to move right away. Yet, Girard moved. As if there was no damage at all, he invoked the next skill.

Girard forcibly adjust his disordered stance, and what he invoked next was the barehanded system martial arts skill 【Eight Petals Palm】.

As the name might imply, it was an 8-hit combo attack. But the flowing combinations had already all been seen by Shin. Even in this world, there were certain motions to engage a combo attack.

Though Shin didn’t know it, it was said that skill was used against the physical body with magic. Each skills’ form has their own kind of chants, it could be said that the unleashed blows were invoked by magic. Therefore, it was very difficult to change form in the middle of a fight for a martial arts skill, as its power would drop if interfered with forcibly.

And supposing that rule was not known, if it was a person such as Shin, who was well-informed about the skill and the motion associated with it, it would not be difficult to deal with.

While destroying the posture with a close ranged martial art skills, Shin also dodged the drawn fist, and a kick with minimal movement.

When the last round kick approached from his rear, Shin put his strength into counterattacking it, but once again he was hit by an unexpected attack.

Soon after the kick passed in front of Shin, Girard instantly changed his pivot foot, using the rotation of his body, and aimed for Shin’s head. That without a doubt, was the movement of the continuous rotation kick from the barehanded system martial arts skill 【Two Wheels】.


The kick that was approaching his face was stopped by 『True Moon』, Shin raised his eyebrows at the lightness of the power. He didn’t know it, but he felt that something was wrong. However, that ‘something was wrong’ feeling was confirmed before long by Girard’s following action. Using Shin’s blade that stopped the kick as a foothold, Girard jumped up and invoked a skill while rotating.

He made one rotation above Shin’s head, and without breaking his momentum, an axe kick from the barehanded system martial arts skill 【Waterfall】 weaved its way towards Shin on the spot.

The ground caved-in, as Shin, who received that blow, had his feet pushed into the ground. But even with such power, it didn’t become the decisive blow.

Shin, whose main job was samurai, was not superior in defense skills like a shield job, and was not equipped with high strength shield either. However, the katana Shin was holding was an 《Ancient》 grade weapon, 『True Moon』. The average shield was no match for its strength. In addition, because its performance as a weapon was top class, it could withstand an attack that was impossible to defend against by ordinary katanas. This was also usually the combat method that was used with a large sword that values strength.

Nonetheless, if Shin was without his prized possession, the 『True Moon』, he probably wouldn’t be able to defend against even a single blow of Shiden class attacks from Girard.


With his feet buried in the ground, while facing Girard who was in mid-air, Shin counterattacked with nothing but 『True Moon』. Girard, who was a little faster than Shin’s katana that was swinging down, took some distance with 【Flying Shadow】.

Shin’s thoughts were filled with astonishment. Girard was doing movements that he didn’t think of in the game.

Apart from the 【Zekka】’s recoil, 【Eight Petals Palm】 to 【Two Wheels】, and 【Waterfall】, Shin thought that such combinations flowing together were admirable even if it was his body caught in the attack.

To work out such a strategy, he had no idea how much training Girard went through. But there was one thing that was clear, giving his complete devotion was Girard’s true strength. He was a real warrior, one who might have overtaken High Humans on earth. When he thought about that, Shin, just like Girard, had his chest filled with bitterness.

It was understood. No, he was going to. Still somewhere, he was reminded of the sense of fighting during the game. Although Shin had already experienced PvP in this world, it was not a proper fight. So, he hadn’t experienced something called a real battle.

Thus, he was falling behind.

“…Pathetic. To think that I am the culmination that an opponent is risking their life against, and it ended up like this?”

It not being the final blow, it was all thanks to his stats and his piled up combat experience. But even with that, Girard had also caught up now.

What a predicament, when he said he would accept the challenge. In the way of fighting until now, he might receive a heavy blow sooner or later.

“――――No good. This is no good.”

Shin thought. The opponent, whom the first Beast King has pursued, shouldn’t be merely at this level. Even without the unusual titles, everyone must have thought that with an opponent like this, it would be a worthy death.

Is this the limit?


Is this how the Master of Girard fights?


It should be overwhelming. Being led around shouldn’t be allowed.

He was a High Human. The person who stood on the summit.

“…I’m sorry, Girard. It still wasn’t my everything.”

The way of fighting in the game was over, from here on out, it would be Shin’s best.


He returned to his senses, and the small skills were meaningless. Similarly with Girard, he would show his feelings with the his highest skill.

With his posture set with him holding the katana above his head. His movements, from up to down, were as if he were about to cut some Chinese bamboo in half.

Just, he only put it all into a single stroke.

“――Amagiri*!!” (T/N: Heaven Slash)

The single blow that designate itself as cutting the heaven, he ran toward Girard in an instant.


Though Girard understood that he should never lose sight of Shin, still, he couldn’t help but stare in wonderment. The blade that was swinging down, it became blurry when Girard looked at it.

His body moved before he could even think of following his instincts and intuition. Girard’s abnormal reaction speed was acting in harmony, and reinforced by his body repeatedly.

“Damn it!”

He didn’t come through unscathed. Girard’s dougi type of armor, though it didn’t have any effect in battle, had a part of the shoulder cut open and stained with blood. As it may be called the same Shiden, 【Amagiri】was a more converged power than Girard’s 【Zekka】.

Behind Girard, who defended against 【Amagiri】, the earth was cut apart, exposing its cross-section due to the attack.

Nonetheless, for the current amount of damage that had been received, neither Shin nor Girard showed much of a difference.

Still, the presence that Shin gave off, Girard felt it had changed a little. From the blow just now, Shin deciding on something was transmitted.

“…Ku, kukuku, now you’re talking! That’s what I wanted to see!”

Girard muttered with a smile so ferocious, that even a grown man would run away. Though he was facing death at this moment, he was unbearably happy.

Faster and stronger. Until he could pierce his fangs into that body.


The ground was smashed and he ran.

Also with 【Amagiri】, there was big recoil similar with 【Zekka】. Naturally, it produced a big chance too. Girard was aiming for that. If it was the current Girard, he didn’t even take two seconds to catch Shin in his attack range.


Shin’s roar resounded there.

Girard’s fist arrived a little faster, Shin’s arm that should be stiff from the recoil, suppressed his mind and jumped up. The blade flashed and sparks were scattered with Girard’s fist. That was a movement that was impossible in the game.

And then the blade flipped. It didn’t mean that he knew how to suppress the recoil. It was by using his stats, that could be said to be forcibly breaking the mechanisms.

However, that was the correct solution. If it was impossible to remove the backlash, then the only thing left, was brute force.

Shin’s invoked movement of the katana technique system martial arts skill 【Swallow Reversal】, added to the blade, which drew an arc. The blade accelerated rapidly in the air once again, as Girard’s body was wounded.

――――You have to do it. You have to do this, you know?

――――Yes, it was rather late.

Each other’s smiles were deepened. Without saying anything, those words were transmitted through their weapons.

They realized the end was near.


The smiles were erased, and at the same time they prepared their weapons.

Shin raised his 『True Moon』 over his head, Girard set his fists on his waist. As if they knew what they would unleash next, their preparations were simultaneously ready.

Their eyes met, but silently they bid farewell.


This was the end. They understood that mutually.

With the unleashed Shiden. There was no more martial arts to follow this, to decorate the end.



Together with the invoked skills, the figures of two people disappeared. Instantly the distance between them was closed, as well as the impact that shook the space, a violent sound echoed out.

It was the clash of Shidens in close range. With that alone, the ground caved in radially with Shin and Girard in the center. The power of the clash increasing endlessly, the collided energy that was repelled, destroying the surroundings without exception.

Though the power’s repulsion was very powerful, both of them continued to let out Shidens like it was natural. It was an exchange of skills of the Shiden class, which was impossible in the game. Not only the user, but it also put a tremendous burden on each other’s weapons.

A snapping and cracking sound reverberated. To achieve that, which weapon was it?

No matter how much each of these weapons were bestowed with an invalidity weapon destruction attack effect, what was called durability surely existed. Therefore, it didn’t mean that it would never break, even though they were weapons of 《Ancient》 grade.

Still, even if they heard the screams of each other’s weapons, neither of them loosened their power. Because they knew it would become their defeat in that moment, if they relaxed, even if only a little.


They clashed, separated, and collided again.

Shin vs Girard

Apparently, in this fight similar to a rivalry, Shin gradually began to overwhelm. It was natural, because the ability of the two people was not equal. The weight of the blow after blow, and the burden to the body, the distinct differences became visible.

Therefore, Girard tore off the last charm.


This was the technique for someone who had already abandoned their life.

Color faded from Girard’s whole body. And, besides the power of his right fist, that was competing against Shin’s 『True Moon』 at close range, power also gathered in his left fist at the same time.

The white light that covered that fist was Girard’s own life force. It was the last splendor of his life, as he was baring his fangs at this moment.

“――Kassenkou*!!” (T/N: Constrict Pierce Armor)

That skill would inflict huge damage to both the armor and shield. A blow, like a flash exploded on Shin’s 『True Moon』.

The sound of something breaking gradually grew bigger.

Girard continued to receive the burden, of the multiple invoked Shidens on himself, yet he still continued to put forth his power.

“Using Shiden simultaneously, huh? That’s cheating.”

Shin cursed while taking the blow from Girard. Still, he didn’t back down. While his Shiden was activated, Shin stacked 【Enchant • High Edge】 on his 『True Moon』.

The power to rampage was arranged beforehand, so they could mutually unleash their best single blow soon. Having realized it was the end, it came down to which one had the first move.

Did they compete for a moment, or only several seconds? Or was it for several minutes?


What reached the limit first was their weapons. The blade of 『True Moon』 broke, and the armor part of 『Crushing Moon』 also broke into pieces.

However, even if the weapons crumbled, it didn’t stop the users.

Shin, who was holding the remains of the hilt, took one step toward Girard with both of his hands lowered.

In regards to Girard, with nothing but both fists thrusted out, he single-mindedly charged toward Shin.

Shin too, promptly jumped upward with both hands holding the hilt. However, with both skills, 【Zekka】 and 【Kassenkou】, worn on Girard’s fists, and with 『True Moon』 becoming just a handle, without any skills, even Shin couldn’t defend against it.

“I got yoouuuuu!!”

The hilt that was used as a shield was repelled by Girard’s left fist, as his right fist smashed into Shin’s defenseless body.

With a raised roar, his fist ripped through Shin’s coat, coming into contact with the solar plexus―――― and made a ‘Tap’ sound, and there, he stopped moving.


I’m done for, was what Shin thought, and he took a step backwards from the unexpected lightness in Girard’s fist. He shouldn’t die an instant death, due to his high stats, but he was prepared for some damage. However, the fist that hit his body had no strength at all.

Shin raised his line of sight towards the thrust out fist, and saw Girard again――――He understood.



Girard didn’t respond. Only, he had become rigid in the state where his fist was thrust out.


“Listen, I got…*hack* *cough*…”

Girard interrupted Shin, who tried to call him once more. With blood vomiting at the same time, he fell down to his knees at the spot.

“Hey Girard!”

“…you… Apparently…This is as far as I can go.”

Shin was about to rush over, but Girard stopped it by raising one hand. He knew that recovery and so forth were useless.

“…I received the last blow. As expected from Girard.”

“Kuku, I have lived for 500 years,… not just for show. Surely… these fangs,… have reached you.”

Though his face was pale, Girard was laughing, baring his fangs. It was a ‘proud of myself’ smile, as this body had finally reached his master.

“Urgh…. Now then, my long-held…wish was fulfilled. Shin. Can I request..from you, one last time, a single blow as the reward?”


Girard, who had stood up while tottering, spoke of his last wish. After a bit of hesitation, Shin who heard it, accepted it.

From Girard who was barely standing, he took a distance of about 10 mels. And, quietly released his 【Limit】. Simultaneously a torrent of power gushed out. The time when he was exchanging blows with Girard seemed halfhearted, and strange pressure surges were in the surroundings.

“So this is a…”

Receiving the pressure that emitted from Shin, Girard kept standing there. His last wish would depend on Shin’s all out power as the finishing blow.

Power that Girard couldn’t fight against. Thus, to get over the last ordeal, he wanted to witness Shin’s power.

Shin took a stance. The shattered 『True Moon』 was stored into the Item Box, with nothing in his hands. No, to begin with, weapons and so on were unnecessary.

Shin’s stance that he took, was the movement for 【Zekka】. It is quite ironic if that is the case, Girard thought.

“…See you”


They exchanged a few words, and Shin took a step forward. With that speed, which was godlike. Girard had already lost sight of Shin.

But he knew. Before the blow that was approaching his body, Girard perceived Shin in the world for a moment.

With overwhelming power, and mana gushing out. The speed that would leave everything behind.

That figure, the appearance of the Master whom Girard surely yearned for. The present Shin was more powerful than even the figure that existed in his memory.

He wanted to reach those fangs someday. He, wished to be the best existence. That conflicting wish was now, becoming a shape in front of Girard.

(Indeed, that’s what I expected of my――――)

His last thought dissolved, when the roaring sound echoed.

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