Vol. 3 Chapter 4 – Part 1

“It seems to have ended.”

It was a little silent, after that remarkably big explosion. The powerful shock wave that crossed the forest and mowed down the trees had stopped.

Not just Schnee, but everyone on top of the hill realized that it was the end of the duel.


Wolfgang and Kagerou, who both boasted of high stats too, fell silent. No, they couldn’t say anything. They were cautious while all of their body hair was bristling.

The last blow. They were speechless at that too powerful pressure. Though they knew who fired it, still, the power surge couldn’t be seen in an optimistic view. It made them realize defeat, without even fighting, and they couldn’t help but feel the presence of a conqueror.

It hadn’t been long since they met the person called Shin, but everyone’s breath was taken away as they couldn’t imagine that violent presence had come from the figure of the ordinary Shin.

Therefore. In the midst of that silence, only Schnee remained calm.

“You can’t be befuddled forever, you know.”


With that single phrase, everyone quickly came back their senses. It was the moment of their own king’s death. This was not the time to be senile.

“Someone is coming here.”

“Perhaps, that’s….”

Having steeled themselves in the confusing surroundings, Wolfgang and Cuore noticed a person approaching. When did that person get close? There was a figure at the bottom of the hill.

There was only one figure appearing. It walked toward the top of the hill while carrying something on its back. Needless to say, it was Shin and Girard. Shin was shouldering Girard, whose eyes were closed like he was sleeping.

Everyone went down the hill without waiting for Shin to arrive.

“Shin, your clothes…”

“Ah, it’s from Girard.”

Tiera, who saw the ripped coat, spoke with concern, but understood Shin was not seriously damaged from his gesture, and nodded as she was relieved.

“I will take out the wagon. Please hold onto Girard.”


While fiddling with the Item Box, Girard’s corpse was left to Rajim and Van. After taking out the wagon, Girard was laid behind the carrier, so he wouldn’t be shaken.


Looking at the laid down body, Cuore leaked out a voice with moist eyes. Her shoulders were dropped feebly, the ears that always stretched upwards were now drooping along with her head. Wolfgang didn’t show any of the attitude, but he looked somewhat a little disheartened.

Nothing could be done for the grief to held in, even if it was the person’s own last wish.

“Raise your heads. All of you guys.”

Shin called out to the two people. It was different from before. It was a voice carrying some dignity.


“He would be ashamed of your sympathy.”

Shin knew what he said was harsh. Gratitude was not expressed. Still, he believed he had to say it himself.

“Princess, Ulu too, don’t be disheartened. Look at the king’s face.”

Van called out, and the two people looked up. Though it was a digression, Ulu seemed to be a nickname for Wolfgang, only spoken by his close friends.

“He has a satisfied look. No one will think he had a regret remaining when they see this.”

Rajim too, called out to cheer up the two people. What Rajim said was right, a faint smile had appeared on Girard’s face. To Van and Rajim, who had shared a long time with him, Girard’s final thoughts were understood, without them even having to wonder.

There was certainly a feeling of sadness. However, the feelings of relief were stronger. They knew Girard had hidden the truth about his life span. Therefore, the joy of him dying without any regrets was bigger.

He would rather die in a satisfying fight than survive shamelessly. Because that was the way of his life, for a man who lived as a warrior.

“That’s right. If I was to weep, I would be laughed at.”

“Ah, you are right.”

From the words of the two people, that were the closest to Girard, Wolfgang and Cuore seemed to have regained themselves. The two people each faced Girard’s death firmly, the resolve to step forward was able to be perceived.


It didn’t take much time for the wagon to arrive at Girard’s residence in Elden.

The corpse was enshrined by Van and Rajim, and various people in charge of office and executives were gathered under the instructions of Wolfgang. When Girard’s death was announced, there were grieving people, there were people showing an expression of relief, and various other reactions.

There seemed to be people who also guessed at the things that happened in Larua Grand Woods, too. Apparently the sounds of their battle had echoed throughout Falnido. When connecting the dots, together with Girard’s death, questions on who was the person who fought him surfaced.

“The founder’s last moments, were very worthy of him.”

Wolfgang didn’t report Shin’s name. However, it was clearly declared that there was no better match for Girard’s last fight.

Naturally, there were people who wondered who it was, but the majority of people guessed it was someone similar to a High Human follower. Schnee and Shibaid, both were well known to have interacted with Girard, as for the other members, there wasn’t a doubt about their abilities, too.

For the people who still weren’t convinced, when they met Girard’s corpse and looked at his face, Wolfgang’s speech was understood to be truthful. A lot of people from Falnido had the reaction of; this was the spirit of a true warrior.

Anyways, everyone was quickly convinced. Before the day was out, contact was made with each community that lived here in Elden, with the exception of the dog tribe, and they started the preparations for the funeral service in unison.

Girard was unmistakably the founding father, even if he had long since retired. It was a necessity for it to become a national grand funeral. Before the supposing one week, various people gathered in Falnido, reaching the point where the place was like a festival rather than a funeral. Envoys seemed to come from all of the countries with diplomatic relations, except the clan in Falnido.

Because Shin and his group didn’t have to prepare for the funeral in particular, they spent every day going back and forth to the library. But they hadn’t accomplished much. Still, being able to enter the restricted zone, more useful things were discovered here than from the books in the general area of Bayreuth’s library.

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