Vol. 4 Chapter 2 – Part 1

Without taking too much time, Shin and the others reached the south gate of Bayreuth.

There was a long line to the gate, as usual, but it seemed to be better than before. Shin showed his adventurer card as the identification paper to the guard, and passed through the gate.

Though it was unknown until now, Schnee surprisingly had an adventurer card, too. It seemed like a C rank, because the color of the card was red.

“Schnee, did you enter the guild?”

“It’s for identification purposes only.”

It seemed like she could ask for anything from Barlux, to have the card issued. Its function was for nothing more than identification purposes, instead of not being able to take requests, she also said she did not have any obligation to respond to any emergency requests and the likes.

It’s like a special measure because of Schnee’s position.

“And it’s because they were indebted to me for many things.”

Schnee spoke with a grin on her face, and Shin felt sympathy toward all of the members of the adventurers guild.

As they entered the ramparts, without making any side trips, they headed toward the guild.

When the door was opened and they entered inside, similar with Falnido, Schnee and Tiera became the main focus.

Schnee with the dog ears, tail equipment, and active attire, which she showed in Falnido, made the male’s eyes present be glued onto her. Somehow it felt like the passionate eyes of some women were mixed in it, too.

Because it was routine for hooligans to pick on beautiful women, Shin quickly headed to the reception before someone came near.

“Hello, I’ve received the report about the summons from the guild.”

“Shin-sama, it’s been a long time. Please wait a minute as we convey the message. Cilica, please.”

“Yes yes~”

It was the sisters, Celica and Cilica that were at the reception desk. When Cilica was called out by Celica, she disappeared out to the back at a quick pace. Though they were twins, their actions and personalities were not similar at all.

“Do you know what kind of business they have with me?”

“No, we were not told about the details. Though it’s different for Els who has a high position.”

“Ah well, I just wanted to ask, please don’t worry about it.”

“Actually, if it’s Shin-sama, I think you’ll be summoned before long though.”

“Eh, why is that?”

“Because Shin-sama is not an ordinary adventurer.”

“…I see.”

It was said because suddenly subduing a high-rank monster alone was an unthinkable thing to do, according to people in this world. So Shin being common was out of question.

“Looks like your companions are all beautiful ladies.”

“Ugh, is that so? Though I can’t deny it…Hey, but Yuzuha is a monster. It’s just my adventurer’s acquaintances that are women――”

“Ara, I never saw you talk with a man before though.”

“There is no such.. thing? Umm, yes, Wilhelm, I received a request together with Wilhelm before.”


For some reason, from Shin’s one word, the hall fell silent.

“Shin-sama, is what you spoke just now true?”

“But it wasn’t a regular request, more or less. Wait, why did everyone go silent?”

While being conscious that eyes were focusing on him, Shin questioned Celica whom had an expression of someone who had just heard an unbelievable thing.

“That man rarely joins a party with another person. Even though his fighting power is said to be S-rank, there are many rumors flying around. He seems unapproachable to everyone, too.”

But rumors are unreliable, Celica continued with a small sigh. The authenticity of the rumors might be understood, because she was a part of the guild staff.

“Well, that guy is misunderstood easily I guess.”

The biggest problem would be his character. Wilhelm was not the type that wore a friendly atmosphere. Because the person himself behaved like that, if he didn’t make any effort to solve someone’s misunderstanding, the rumors would not disappear.

Though Shin heard that Wilhelm always kept in touch with other adventurers, who graduated from the orphanage, listening to Celica’s story, it was very likely that he only accepted solo requests.

“Wilhelm-sama is very excellent person himself though.”


To solo, unlike a party, one could only rely on oneself, when in case of an emergency. Thus, his sense of danger and techniques to measure the opponent’s abilities became higher than an adventurer of a similar rank.

Moreover, Wilhelm was a Chosen One, there was no need to state how excellent that is.

“Shin-sama, preparations are done, please come now.”

“Understood. Then lead the way.”

When Cilica returned, they stopped talking and went to Barlux’s office.

Schnee and Tiera would be waiting in the hall. Yuzuha, who rode on Shin’s head before, was entrusted to Schnee.

When Shin entered the office, Barlux and an old man whom he didn’t recognize, sat down on a sofa.

“First of all, have a seat. It was faster than I expected.”

“It’s because I originally was going this direction.”

Shin answered Barlux while sitting on a sofa.

Of course, this was a lie. If he had heard the message near Beirun, then it fit it well timewise, so he decided to say so.

“I’m sorry for rushing it. Ah, this mage, who is in charge of jewel appraisal in our guild, is Arad. It’s him that appraised the jewel of the Skull Face which you brought in before.”

“I’m Arad Royl, pleased to meet you.”

Without doubting Shin’s words, Barlux introduced Arad. (T/N: To refresh back who is Arad, refer Vol. 1 Ch 4 – Part 1)

No matter how many branch offices there were in each country, they could not check where the adventurer received the message at one by one. Unless, the person was on the black list and under surveillance. Shin, under the present conditions, didn’t have the guilds distrust towards him when that investigation was conducted. For Shin’s high prowess in combat, this also could be explained as a Chosen One category.

“I’m Shin. I hope to get along with you as well.”

Shin also replied to the old man as politely as possible.

Since the story of the Skull Face already came out, he thought ‘It is this after all, huh?’ while putting up his guard.

“Though you already heard it from the message, Shin, you are being summoned by the royal palace.”

“For the time being, can I hear the reason?”

“For that, I will explain it to you.”

When the reason was asked from Barlux, Arad took over the talks.

“Before that, do you know the story, about where a sword flew into the king’s castle?”

“Something flew in…Only to that degree.”

“That’s fine. It was actually a greatsword with a white blade.”

“A Greatsword, huh?”

I know, was what Shin wanted to answer but endured it somehow. He happened to know too much after all.

“Moreover, the greatsword pierced and stuck into the wall of the second princess Bayreuth kingdom’s bedroom. It also caused a lot of clamour in the kingdom.”


Shin couldn’t help thinking, ‘Are you serious?’. It was only natural that it became an uproar.

“Fortunately, no one was hurt when it pierced the wall. The question is the greatsword. It’s bestowed with a good attribute and the material used is excellent, in short; It is a very good sword. It seems to even rival the country’s treasured sword when put side by side, if I have to say so as an appraiser.”

“…That’s amazing.”

It’s exposed! Who did it, that was definitely coming to light. While thinking about that, Shin inwardly arrived at the stage of resignation.

Perhaps after this, Shin might be questioned about the connection between his ability and the Skull Face.

Without hearing it to the end, Shin understood. Rather, he should know by the flow of the conversation. It was a common pattern. He didn’t read all of those fantasy novels just for mere fun.

“By the way, the jewel of the Skull Face you defeated, it was clad in a very strong magic power. It was quite a high-level one.”

“That’s right, I think.”

“According to what I heard, it’s level was 359. It’s at the level where average adventurers would be killed during an encounter. However, for someone who was still at G rank at the time they were facing it, and far from escaping, rather it was actually defeated by…you, are you a Chosen One?”

The calm air changed sharply, as Arad asked.

“… That is correct.”

There is no answer besides that, Shin thought while nodded.

When Shin answered obediently, Arad dissipated the dangerous air, and returned to his original calm mood.

“You even know the words ‘Chosen One’, huh?…Well if it’s you, the Skull Face that held the large sword would be defeated. Perhaps, when the skill was used at the end of the battle, the greatsword was blown off to the place in question.”

“How do you know it ended up to there?”

“I haven’t lived a long time just for show. I also heard your weapon was shattered at that time.”

“Indeed, it was shattered. Only the hilt remained――By the way, why is it that you think I was involved? I understand wanting to associate that greatsword to the Skull Face situation, but I don’t think you are suddenly convinced from the evidence though.”

Shin didn’t think that the people of the royal palace would make a move just by that reasoning.

“Of course, there was someone investigating the person behind it. Also, the Skull Face was examined immediately. The matter of the jewel was found out, and the investigation requests came out to examine that together with the greatsword. In the aforementioned greatsword, though there is only a little, there are the remnants of magic power left on the sword. Furthermore, it was matched with the magic power of the jewel. It didn’t reveal how you did it though.”

“I see, so there is such method, huh?”

It seemed to be a fantasy technique similar to our version of DNA analysis. The quality of magic power might be different in individuals.

“That’s why once it was understood up to there, one thing after another was revealed. When the fact that you brought in the jewel came to light, the summons appeared.”

“Even for a guild, this kind of thing can’t simply be revealed, right?”

“No, there’s no way to deceive when it’s been exposed to that extent.”

There was no reason for the guild to protect Shin. If seen from the guild, Shin was only a G rank novice adventurer at that time.

Of course the story was different when it was about a chosen one, there was a possibility that the royal family would be exposed to danger.

However, because Shin held the letter of introduction from Tsuki no Hokora, that situation ended without turning worse. Moreover, since Barlux had reported about the time when they had met, he had judged that Shin would not be the type of person who held hostility, at least toward the kingdom.

To begin with, to have malicious intentions toward the princess, who was in the upper rank of Chosen Ones, was way too careless.

“Somehow, it was useful for the first time.”

After hearing that story, Shin felt grateful for the letter of introduction for the first time.

“And here’s the main problem. Shin, the one that summoned you was none other than the second princess.”

“The second princess?”

“She seems to be interested in you; Shin, who knocked down the Skull Face which held the greatsword. Because she is a Chosen One, too.”

“So, is that it? She wants to fight against me?”

“It would be nice if it could be settled with only that.”

From Barlux’s remark, it indicated that it wouldn’t happen.

“Then what’s beside it? Don’t tell me, she wants me to take responsibility because I almost inflicted injuries to the royal family?”

“No, it’s not that. To tell you the truth, similar Skull Faces had appeared in the vicinity of the Wraith Plains. The princess also participated in its subjugation, but from that experience, she knows that even she couldn’t afford to go easy if she’s fighting solo, so she seems to want to persuade you into being one of her people.”

“I’m saved if its going this direction, but…what’s next?”

Besides, what came to Shin’s mind was something like government service recruitment. Since there were people serving the country among the chosen ones, it might not be impossible.

“Well, for that, I don’t know it either.”

“Politicians, are only but the *evil spirits residing in the mountains and rivers.” (T/N: This idiomatic expression[魑魅魍魎], literally means evil spirits of rivers and mountains)

It was a story that was not laughable on Shin’s side.

“Okay, I understand the story for the time being. I can only keep going. Is there no specific time for the summon?”

Shin asked Barlux.

“For that, we will contact them from here. That’s right, how about 9’s bells tomorrow, good?”

“I’d like it. Ah, then what clothes should I wear? Because I didn’t expect to meet the royal family.”

Though Girard was also considered as royalty, they had the familiarity as friends, and because Shin was treated like a guest in Falnido, he didn’t mind his clothes in particular. Because everyone around dressed in clothes that emphasized ease of movement, he couldn’t use it as a reference in the opinion of a royal castle such as Bayreuth.

“Dress code is not demanded, for an adventurer who is not a noble. You should keep your appearance neat though.”

“To begin with, the armed state can be said to be the uniform of an adventurer. And there’s hardly a guy that possesses clothes similar to a noble.”

Hearing Barlux and Arad talking, there seemed to be no regulations on that subject.

“Is there anything else you want to ask? I think I can advise a little.”

Arad asked Shin.

“…I don’t have anything on my mind in particular. You might say, because it’s my first time like this.”

“It might not meet with your expectations. The next thing that we are able to say is, do not make a commitment due to such a place. Depending on the other party, because they might bring up again about your fault persistently for a moment, it might be depressing for you.”

“Haha, I’ll be careful.”

Somehow a genuine feeling could be sensed from Arad’s words. He might have experienced it himself.

“Old man Royl dislikes nobles. Though it doesn’t apply to all nobles, well because there are such people too, you should really be careful.”

“I understand.”

Shin replied to Barlux with a wry smile.

Actualy, like in novels and anime he had seen, he expected the existence of corrupt nobles that were only skillful at faultfinding.

Shin has not yet met a noble in this world. However, people raised in the privileged class who were only good at looking down at others, often existed.

Afterwards, Shin learnt about some etiquettes and left the office.

When he returned to the hall, there was a crowd in the corner of the hall.

“Yeah, indeed, it’s as I expected.”

Needless to say, at the center of the crowd was Schnee and Tiera.

Shin consented because he expected it to turn this way if the two people were left alone.


Yuzuha was heard to be threatening.

The surrounding men that enclosed them, probably didn’t know that they would become minced meat the moment that Yuzuha got involved.

Still, because it would be unpleasant to have casualties inside the guild, Shin approached the crowd before Yuzuha exploded.

“Excuse me. Tiera, let’s go.”

“Ah, yes!”

Schnee, who perceived Shin approaching, began to walk out with Tiera.

Additionally, at the same time, a slightly intimidating air was given out by Schnee. Defeated by that pressure, the men that encircled them backed off for several steps. Schnee and the others weaved their way out through the space resulting from that, and escaped from the crowd.

Shin realized that the men who were following the two people with their eyes, were also paying attention to him. Shin felt the pressure that he had never felt in real life.

(The day I receive this kind of stare finally comes.)

If he was very thick-headed, he might of not been aware of those envious eyes. While feeling depressed, Shin had an indescribable mood.

“Did they invite you two to a party?”

“Half of it was for a party invitation, the other half was a tea break invitation.”

“So did you accept any of it?”

“There are none.”

That evaluation from Schnee, spoken while having a perfect smile, was indeed sharp.

Her eyes stated that it’s not even worth considering.

“To have such a good matching level with Master, there are virtually none.”

Tiera said in an amazed way.

From the start, Schnee never thought of joining others except Shin.

“It’s only natural. Leaving that aside, how was the talk?”

Schnee asked.

“For the time being, I’ve heard about the subject. Before I explain, let’s move to another place. Here is a bit…”

It was not the kind of conversation done in an attracting attention situation.

Their moving destination was Bear Point Pavillion. When Shin stayed there last time, he had confirmed that the soundproofing was reliable.


“Welcome! Ara, Shin-san. Long time no see.”

“It’s been a long time. Are there 2 rooms available?”

“We do have vacant rooms, but…before that, come here for a bit.”

“Hmm? Ah, what’s the matter?”

The ‘poster girl’, Tsugumi, pulled Shin until they were near the counter.

With a suspicious face, Tsugumi started talking in a lower volume.

“Hey hey, who are those beautiful woman?! There are many beautiful people among the elves, but the beast people next to you, they belong on a different level!! What kind of magic did you use!?”

While skillfully shouting in low voice, Tsugumi kept on talking without pause.

Tsugumi, without any adverse effects, was called a beautiful girl herself. However, Schnee and Tiera, seen from Tsugumi’s point of view, were on another whole different level.

“Various things happened and I can’t say the details.”


“Don’t ‘Eh’ me. You shouldn’t pry into customers’ affairs.”

“But, you just became an adventurer no more than a month ago, how did you get entangled with such two beautiful women? I’m not worried or anything, but something is wrong.”

“Hey! Hey! Though I understand your feelings, this is no good, you know?”


“Don’t sulk!”

Was it because of a lack of entertainment? She seemed to have a fancy about this sort of story.

Were Shin and the others common adventurers, he could talk about story that they came across each other by chance. However, there were circumstances for Shin and Schnee, so he couldn’t reveal the detailed contents.

“Sigh, I thought I could listen to interesting stories again after such a long time.”

“Don’t joke around.”

Contrary to his way of talking, Shin was amazed at her state, which didn’t seem to be very disappointed.

Did she not have the motivation to ask about it persistently? After Tsugumi returned to the counter, she waited on customers normally.

Shin rented a single room for himself, and a twin room for Schnee and Tiera. Because he didn’t know how much time it would take due to tomorrow, he handed each one Jul gold coin for the time being. He also had Tsugumi to speak up if it started to run out.

It was just at the right time so they had a lunch, and then, they gathered in Schnee and Tiera’s room afterward.

“――and well, that’s what I was told. I probably have to fight and so on, I think.”

When he spoke about the discussion he had with Barlux and Arad, Schnee nodded as she consented.

“I see. There was such a thing happening before our reunion, huh?”

“A sword that flew into the royal castle, what have you done…”

“I’m not doing it because I like it, okay.”

“Kuu? Shin is amazing~”

Tiera was astonished and Yuzuha, who might not understand it well, tilted its head.

“According to Shin’s words, it’s possible for the country to invite you, whether or not you enter the government service. Or, it’s possible that it’s recommended that you set up a marriage with a high nobility to some extent.”

“I understand about the government service, but marriage?”

“Yes, if the second princess in question grasped the Skull Faces’ fighting power accurately, she should be convinced that Shin’s ability is among the upper class of Chosen Ones. Because the power of a country is said to be proportional to the number of Chosen Ones, I expect she will actively try to win you over.”

“After the story about the princess, may I refrain from the marriage meeting? I don’t mean for things to go like this right away.”

Shin didn’t have the intention to enter government service or being tied with marriage.

And he didn’t have the motivation to talk about how to decline such a plan and so on from the beginning.

“I think there’s no problem if you decline to enter the government service. There are not many people who become knights from adventurers.”

“Is that so?”

“There are many people who hate being bound by rules. Also, viewing from the party members, because the recruitment is a loss for them, they refrain from doing it.”

The types that entered the government service, from adventurers, were the people who were solo and people who didn’t join a party as a fixed member.

“And now, Shin is in a party with us, so if you put that as a reason, it would be difficult to reject it.”

“Then, the problem now is the marriage, huh? It’s obvious that if I decline this without a good reason, then troublesome things will come about.”

“Regarding that, should I pretend to be your fiance?”

“Ah, I can be that guy who is already engaged to his partner, huh?”

Schnee expected that a new fiance wouldn’t be pushed onto a person who was already engaged.

It was certainly not bad as an excuse. Though, it wouldn’t be assured that a noble would give up so easily.

“It’s unreasonable to force it too much, so it’s their loss if they continue to offend you. In some cases, Tiera too, if she pretended, they at least won’t even think of tempting her as your woman.”

“Uhm, me?”

Tiera asked.

“Ara, you don’t like it?”

“No, if it’s about pretending, I’m good but…”

If it is only pretending, Tiera was also okay with it.

“Kuu! Then Yuzuha and Shin can become a couple too!!”

“Wait, Yuzuha, it’s not like that! I’ll be killed by society!!”

However, when Yuzuha announced its candidacy, to an extent that it even transformed into its female human form, because of a you-know-what misunderstanding, Shin hurriedly put a stop to it.

Anyway, Yuzuha could only turn into the little girl mode after all, rather than the figure of the voluptuous beautiful woman from the game era. To dabble with a little girl could be considered to be on the path to becoming a pervert at full speed.

“This time it is just pretending, only pretending. It’s not real, okay?”

“Kuu? You are not mating with Schnee?”

“Hey! You must not say such a thing with that appearance!!”


To the unexpected word that came out from Yuzuha’s mouth, Shin was at his wits’ end and Schnee had stiffened.

Though Yuzuha’s original knowledge was sealed, it was not strange even if it knew. However, it was different when it was in its young fox mode, when such a word was spoken in the little girl mode, he strongly felt that there were problems in various ways.

For the ‘mating’ word, it might be due to its strong animal’s sense from its nature.

And, other than Shin, who was denying it with all his might, Schnee’s face was dyed in red.

“For the time being, let’s calm down.”

Though Tiera was the one who spoke out, she was the calmest in that situation.


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