Vol. 4 Chapter 1 – Part 3

When Cuore returned to the residence and asked one of the maids about Wolfgang’s whereabouts, it seemed that Wolfgang had already returned, from the reply.

“Father, do you have a minute? Shin-dono seems to have something to talk about.”

“Please come in.”

When Cuore knocked on the office door and stated the matter, a reply came in a flash.

Cuore opened the door, and Shin and the others entered the room. The office desk, chairs, bookshelves and so on, stress the simple, practicality look. Above the big desk, that was placed directly in front of the door, there were documents which Wolfgang had just finished signing. Mountains of paperworks which were not yet finished was also seen on the edge of the desk.

“I’m sorry for disturbing your work.”

“Not at all, this is also the job of the king. Leaving that aside, what can I help you with?”

“Oh, sorry for being abrupt, but I have to go to Bayreuth for a moment. Because I’m in a hurry, I have to depart immediately. So, I intend to hand over this before going.”

“Huh!? T-This is!!?”

Shin handed a card over, that he took out from the Item Box, to Wolfgang.

Wolfgang, who received it, had a shocked expression when he saw the drawing on the card, as a blurred voice leaked out.

“It’s Girard’s 『Crushing Moon』. I already finished changing its owner, and it’s transferable for Wolfgang to use.”

“But I heard it was broken in the duel…”

“Who do you think made the 『Crushing Moon』? Of course it’s possible for me to remake it. Besides, I was asked to hand it over, when the duel was over, by Girard originally. Because if it’s Ulu, he won’t misuse it, was what he said.”

“The founder…to me…”

Wolfgang stared at the card in his hand, as he was deeply moved.

『Crushing Moon』was a legendary weapon for the beasts of Falnido. He might be feeling the significance of having it in his hand.

“Next, I am giving you this one too.”

And, there was another piece.

What Shin passed to Wolfgang, was 『Swift Fang』, which was said to be a similar weapon type as the arm guard, 『Crushing Moon』. It was one of the weapons which Shin had entrusted to Girard, for 500 years, until their reunion the other day.

According to what he heard, the successive Beast Kings that were permitted to use 『Swift Fang』 by Girard, seemed to be recognized as the true King. If said in the reverse, a king who was not permitted to use 『Swift Fang』, even if they had strong power, meant that they were not recognized by neither the people nor the retainers.

Girard apparently didn’t let anyone, who he deemed not suitable, even if it the person was his relative, to touch 『Swift Fang』. All of the successive kings had been a good rulers, which was definite proof that Girard had good eyes for judging character.

“Just in case, try to equip it, see if whether there are any defects.”


Wolfgang nodded slightly and materialized the cards, then he equipped 『Swift Fang』on both arms.

Because it also features an automatic adjustment of the size, there was no sense of discomfort either. Instead, Wolfgang was surprised that the power『Swift Fang』 transmitted was stronger than the last time he previously equipped them.

“This is…How do I say…”

“It’s been upgraded. This is possible thanks to Girard.”


After 『Swift Fang』, 『Crushing Moon』 was equipped.

Wolfgang involuntarily shivered, as he felt power that couldn’t be compared to 『Swift Fang』.

“Ulu will have to choose the following successor on your own.”

After all, Girard was no longer there to see it through.

From now on, people who inherit 『Crushing Moon』, have that responsibility. Again, this was also one of the king’s responsibilities.

“That obligation, I accept it firmly.”

Wolfgang bowed properly, with his fists clenching tight, in order to focus his mind.

Shin thought, that with that straightforward look it would be all right if this was the case. When Shin conveyed that it was a summon from the guild and he had to leave at this time, Wolfgang presented a necklace made of animal fangs, probably shaped after a wolf’s fangs, to Shin. At the center of the fang, there were drawings of a wolf in a crest style.

“This is?”

“That is the item which is treated as our family crest. Whenever you need me, if you shown this to a person in the residence, you will be able to contact me immediately.”

It goes without saying that exploitation was strictly prohibited. The necklace was accepted, thanked, and stored in the Item Box.

And then, Shin and his party appeared outside of Falnido though the underground tunnel which they used when they came in for the first time.


They advanced for about ten minutes, after being seen leaving by Cuore, then the wagon was put back into a card after making sure there was no one around.

“Well, shall we hurry up and return?”

“We are going there by Metastasis, right? Is the location the site where Tsuki no Hokora was before?”

To Schnee, who noticed it when getting off from the wagon, Shin nodded and took out a crystal stone.

“Indeed, I don’t know about other places, but there is no problem over there I think. It takes time to come back from here, too.”

“What a luxury…”

The reproachful remark from Tiera was ignored.

“Then, let’s go!”

After confirming that all members were ready, mana was transmitted to the crystal stone.

In the next moment, the surrounding landscape changed, and three people and two animals were in the site where Tsuki no Hokora was set up before.

Immediately after the transfer, Shin sensed that there were multiple responses in the neighborhood.

However, they didn’t seem to have noticed Shin and the others because of the hiding skills which were used beforehand.

(“There are lots of people here?”)

(“Yeah, they’re still monitoring after all. Moreover, it doesn’t seem to be only one force.”)

While having a Mind Chat with Yuzuha, Shin probed into the appearances of the distributed people who were monitoring.

When thinking about the deployment, there were 2 or 3 separated groups.

“Because Tsuki no Hokora disappeared suddenly, they may think that it might appear again. It’s likely that they have forgotten about the possibility that it can be carried.”

If it was the old generation, that lived before the Dusk of the Majesty, they would know about such a thing. However, because the owner of Tsuki no Hokora, Shin, a High Human was thought to have gone extinct, they haven’t thought about that possibility yet.

“How did you answer when you were asked at the commission before, Schnee?”

“I only said I don’t know. Though I understood only Shin could wipe out Tsuki no Hokora, it felt like Shin had disappeared together with the store. To be honest, I was really anxious at that time.”

However, it was only a needless anxiety. Schnee continued, while smiling, and began to walk towards the gate.

The atmosphere that almost became solemn, was erased by the smile.

“I’m gonna leave you behind~”

Tiera called out and overtook Shin who quieted down at the answer.

“Ah, sorr…wait, it’s me that was called by Barlux!?”

“What are you being absentminded for?”

“Well, if I wait for the partner to return without knowing how long, I can’t imagine it in any way.”

Not even Shin understood Schnee’s word of anxious.

It’s not easy to forget their loved ones. But, Shin’s view of life was at most just a little over 20 years, so he couldn’t imagine it for 500 years.

In response to Schnee’s words, he carelessly thought about what would he do, if he was in that situation.

“Isn’t it impossible to do?”

“What an immediate remark!?”

Shin retorted.

The answer that came back without pause from Tiera, was indeed simple.

“The sense of time is very different for elves and humans, considering how long the life span differs. Because master is a High Elf, it was more cruel than me in that situation.”

While walking next to Shin who has caught up, Tiera spoke in an admonishing way.

Elves have a long life span, next to pixies. Therefore, for a short-lived kind, such as humans and beasts who could only live for around 100 years, even the sense of ‘waiting’ was greatly different.

It was only natural, ten years for human was a long time, but ten years for elf feels like less than one year for a human when thinking of their life span. It was also the cause for why long-lived species are known as easygoing fellows.

“Isn’t it nice? I’ll wait if you want me to, you know?”

“Is that how it works?”

“It is. To lose a reason to live, is the beginning of hell for the long-lived kind like us.”

Perpetual youth and longevity; Though people continue pursuing this, it’s reflected differently in the eyes of a person who has it.

“When I think of it seriously, it is a very terrible situation, huh?”

Shin spoke in a serious tone.

“That’s how it is. When I think about it, I want to pretend a bit longer. But when Shin became serious suddenly, the mood felt a bit off.”

“Can you stop always giving out those, “Live life properly” remarks that you always do?!!?”

The serious tone from Shin changed, with a single phrase from Tiera.

A little bit ahead, Schnee stopped and was waiting. Shin and Tiera quickened their pace and caught up to Schnee.

“Shin is the same as usual, serious in unexpected places.”

“Shut it!”

Apparently the conversation was heard by Schnee. Shin sulked and replied to Schnee who said it in a teasing way.

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