NBAA Vol. 3 Chapter 3 Part 6

After finishing communications with Airis, Reito used his Storage Magic. He pulled out Caledfwlch as a bargaining tool with the Elves.

When Reito suddenly used Storage Magic in front of the Elves, they were surprised.

“…Storage Magic? What are you? A Support Magician?”

“You have that kind of disgraceful job?”

“You’re being rude to the man who saved the princess’s life. Hold back your tongue!!”

“Don’t worry about it, Ms. Linda. It’s been a while since I’ve heard that title…”

Reito presented the sword to Linda. He remembered, for the first time in a while, that his job was considered lowly in this world.

Linda took the rusty sword in hand. She was confused before she noticed the crystal embedded in it. Suddenly, her eyes were wide open.

“Is this?”

“It’s the Holy Sword… Caledfwlch,” Reito said, causing a stir.






“Oh, you want water, Suramin? Dwink up!”

Kotomin spoke to Suramin like a baby even though everyone else was in the middle of a serious conversation. Reito noticed, but decided to keep a serious expression on his face as he stared at Linda.

“That is the legendary magic stone known as the Lightning Stone. If anyone here has the ‘Appraisal’ skill, feel free to verify what I’m saying.”

Linda promptly used the ‘Appraisal’ skill. She was in a cold sweat as she told the results of her inspection.

“He’s right.”

The magic crystal embedded in the sword had the royal seal carved into it. There was no doubt it was the Holy Sword Caledfwlch. It was verified.

To the extent of Linda’s knowledge, Caledfwlch should have been lost in one of the wars of the past. Linda inquired, “I know it’s the real thing. But, why do you have that sword?”

“I, uh… Anyway, let’s step inside for a chat. I don’t want anyone to overhear this conversation…”

“Don’t worry. I searched the surroundings of your apartment as part of the Raikofu case. I didn’t find any neighboring residents. It seems people had never lived here in the first place.”

“So that’s why even though I went door-to-door with my Move-in Soba*, I didn’t meet anybody when I first moved in.” 

『You prepared Move-in Soba? What a stand-up guy!』 *(TLN: There’s an old tradition in Japan to give soba to your neighbors. It has fallen out of fashion in recent years.)

Reito was just learning that nobody else lived near him.

Reito reached for his breast pocket. Worried he would pull out something dangerous, the Elves readied their weapons, but Linda stopped them.

Reito kept a knife in his breast pocket to break things down. He used his alchemy skills to strengthen it. What came out of his breast pocket was not a knife but a gemstone gleaming like a diamond. It was the ‘Holy Light Stone’ that only the king of Baltros was permitted to have.

Before slipping out of their mansion, his mother Airis gave it to him. To avoid getting in trouble, he wasn’t supposed to carry it around with him, so he had left it behind in the mansion. The stone he was carrying now was one he had created using his alchemy skills. It was proof of royal status…

“Do you know… what this is?”

“Is that? It appears to be some kind of gem…  Could this be!?”

Linda used her “Appraisal” skill.

Tina chimed in, “it looks like the pendant the Baltros Kingdom’s princess carried with her.”

Airis’s voice chimed into Reito’s head.

『Hehehe…  You won’t be able to use “Appraisal” on something made using alchemy. If you were to take your hands off it, your trick would be revealed, and they would notice.』

Reito had made a mock “Holy Light Stone” that only royal family members were allowed to have. He was really putting all his eggs in one basket that no one would bother to authenticate.

“This is a holy light stone… But, why do you have it?” Linda said with a trembling voice.

“This Holy Sword was originally the property of the Kingdom… We’ve got someone here with proof of royalty. Do you all know what that means?”

“You, or should I say, my liege…” Tina said, dumbfounded.

“Reito, are you royalty?”

“What in the…!?”


“Geez… I’m surprised.”

The envoy was astonished.

On the other hand, Reito was flustered.

He was following Airis’s instructions, and although he was technically royalty, he wasn’t sure how he felt about using that fact to his advantage.

“This Holy Sword is property of the royal family, but it has been stored away for a long time. I am the king’s secret son, and I had been living in the place where the sword was hidden.”

The envoy started up again.

“Secret son? The king of Baltros has a kid…”

“I’ve heard about that before. There was a son born by a concubine to the king. I heard he passed away at a young age, though… I never would have figured he was still alive.”

“Right, his name was… Rena or Reo or something. I can’t believe he didn’t die…” Linda prattled on.

“But, in that case, why were you hiding your identity up to now? You should have the right to the throne if you’re a prince… Why would you be an adventurer? Why is the Kingdom hiding your existence?”

“It’s because I have this loser-job,” Reito said.

He explained his origins in thorough detail.

The moment I was born, my mother was banished from the Kingdom. She was under house arrest in a mansion in the woods. I lived with her and a servant.

The Elves listening to the story showed their sympathy. Some shed tears. Tina was bawling her eyes out.

“Boo-hoo… I feel so bad for you.”

Kotomin, Ain, and Ullr reacted in turn.

“Reito had a really tough upbringing… Come here!”

“Graah,” growled with tears in her eyes.

“Woof,” Ullr sneezed.

“Don’t cry… I really don’t mind it…”

Everyone’s reactions were so exaggerated that Reito was taken aback.

Linda nodded in confirmation, “I see. So, that’s what this is all about. Someone of your status cannot take over the royal throne. But the king also can’t kill his only heir. That’s why you were put into isolation in the Forest of the Abyss. Am I right?”

“What? Forest of the Abyss?”

“I’m talking about the place you lived in the forest. Elves call that place the Forest of the Abyss.”

“I didn’t know it was called that.”

Reito finally learned the name of the forest he had lived in during his childhood. The Elves shared their compassion, rage, and sorrow with him.

“To send your own son off into the forest full of magical monsters… Unthinkable!!”

“I know the king was trying to save face, but that is too cruel.”

Reito continued his story, “When I caught word that the new heir to the throne, my younger brother, was born, a servant recommended that I run away. I was now expendable and would likely be murdered. It was a granny who always took care of me…”

『 You’re talking about me!! What do you mean, granny!! How about an older sister!!』

Even if it was a lie, she was mad at being called a grandma.

“I received this Holy Light Stone, and the Holy Sword from my mother as proof before running away. I met Ullr in the forest and was helped by his former owners, the Elves.”

“Woof?” Ullr had a puzzled expression on his face. Reito’s story didn’t line up with Ullr’s memory.

Ignoring Ullr’s reaction, Reito continued, “it was just a coincidence that I took this Holy Sword with me. I wasn’t able to sport any other weapons. I only know the truth about the sword because some Elves who lived in the forest used ‘appraisal’ on it.”

“I see… that tracks.” Linda nodded fervently.

“I became an adventurer because I had no other means to survive. It would have been life-risking to live an ordinary life with other humans. But, because of that, I haven’t seen my mother ever since. I have no interest in the throne, but I would like to talk to my father and work out some sort of reconciliation. I’ve heard S-rank adventurers are allowed to visit the royal family, so I joined the adventurer profession.

The Elves lauded Reito’s story.

“You became an adventurer to meet your parents!”

“What a splendid child!”

“A rotten-luck human trying to be an S-rank adventurer… It’s just too much!”

The real reason Reito had become an adventurer was to get an ID card. He also wanted a bit of money for the short run. He had no plans to reconcile with his father.

The Elves completely believed his story. Tina was crying massive tears and blowing her nose. She grasped his hands.

“Boo-hoo… Reito, you had such a hard time!! I’ll do anything to help you see your parents!!”

“Ah y-you’re snot is on my sleeve!”

Linda had a stern expression on her face when she said, “Understood. There are some other questions I have. But for the time being, I will believe your story. Do you have something you need from us? I assume you had some reason for sharing your backstory?”

Reito nodded and began negotiating.

“In a few minutes, an adventurer from the Guild is going to arrive. They are going to request to use Ullr as a steed to report to the Royal Capital that there is an impending rotten dragon attack.”

“Hmm… Right, a White Wolf ought to be able to ward off nocturnal monsters.”

“Ullr, you’re incredible,” chimed Tina.


Reito put forward his own request, “I would like you to accompany the liaison group to the Royal Capital.”

“You mean you want us to go?”

“The Royal Capital is safer than Adventure City. I also believe the Kingdom would be more likely to let you into the capital. Would you mind going instead of me?”

“So, you would stay behind?”

“It’s uncertain whether the rotten dragon will really come, but I am an adventurer of this city, so I can’t leave in case it needs protection. I would like you to request the Kingdom to dispatch its troops here.”

“That’s no easy task. Even if Tina is a member of the royal family, she might not have the influence needed to request that they dispatch troops.”

“Right, but Princess Nao is in this city. I’d also like you to report that she’s in no condition to move. If this place is attacked, it’s uncertain that she will get out unharmed. I believe the king… my father will dispatch the troops in that situation.”

Reito felt some discomfort at calling the king his “father.”

Linda had a severe expression, “I see. However, I’m not sure if a king who abandoned his own son would spring into action.”

“Me and Nao’s, or should I say, my stepsister’s, position is quite different. I’m sure my father will take action.”

“I sure hope so… Understood. Our first priority is the princess’s safety. We will undertake the role of liaison.”

“Thank you very much. Ullr, take care of Tina and crew.”


Linda accepted Reito’s plan. Ullr was reluctant. He buried his face in Reito’s chest as if to say that he was rejecting running away to safety while Reito stayed behind to face danger.

Reito petted his head as he explained, “Ullr, you’re the only pup for the job… I want you to stay behind with me so that we can fight together. But you’re the only one that can navigate the plains at night. Forgive me.”

Ullr whimpered.

“Ullr looks like he doesn’t like the idea,” said Tina.

“Reito is family for him. He doesn’t like leaving Reito behind.”

“Ullr, you’re such a good boy!”

Everyone could see how deep Ullr and Reito’s bond was. Reito tried his best to persuade him when someone appeared before them.





Ain barged into the conversation all of a sudden. Ain looked at Tina and Linda before turning her sights to the wolf-cart. She beat her chest.

“Bragh… Bragh!!”

“Are you trying to say you want to help Tina and crew instead of Ullr?”


Ain nodded in response to Reito.

A cyclops was undoubtedly no weaker than a White Wolf in terms of battle strength. It was possible he could safely get them to the Royal Capital. What’s more, Ullr would be able to stay behind.

“Are you sure about this, Ain?”


“Got it… Take care of Tina and the rest of her crew in that case!”

Tina looked at Reito.


“First, let’s head out for the Adventurer’s Guild. I’m sure that Bal has finished her meeting by now…” Reito said before a voice came from the entrance of his house.

“There will be no need for that.”

He looked forward to seeing Bal standing there with an awkward expression on her face.

Reito was surprised before Kotomin slapped his shoulder.

“Before you got here, this person had come to your house and was eating your food and drink.”

“Are you serious…”

“I was bored and fell asleep before I knew it. When those Elves came, I opened my eyes. They had quite the story to tell, so I was all ears” replied Kotomin.

“…Are you serious. You’re the king’s son? You don’t look anything alike. But, you do look like Ms. Aira,” said Bal.

“You knew my mother!?”

“Knew? I wouldn’t just say I knew her. Me and that person were… I’ll save that story for another day. As you know, there’s a need to send out a liaison to the Royal Capital. I’m gonna borrow your wolf-cart and cyclops for that.”


Ain reacted to Bal’s words.

Although Bal had found out about Reito’s true identity in the process, Airis was happy that Reito continued following her strategy.

On the other hand, there was a conversation they hadn’t had yet.

“Bal, I’m sorry, but could I ask something of you?”

“What’s that? If you want me to keep quiet about your identity, no worries. I might look like a talker, but I can keep a secret.”

“Thank you, but it’s not that.”

Reito got the sword back from Linda and handed it to Bal.

It was the legendary sword that had saved the Kingdom from crisis many a time in the past.

For hundreds of years, it had been put into storage, and the blade was rusty. As is, it could not be used as a weapon.

To counter that, he had something to request from Bal.

“Is there someone who can reforge this blade in the city?”

“So this is the famous Caledfwlch… It just looks like some rusty old sword.”

“Reito, only a dwarf will be able to reforge this. After all, they were the ones who forged it in the first place,” Linda commented.

Reito thought about it for a little bit.

“Dwarf… Bal, do you know anyone?”

“Well, I do have quite a few acquaintances. I don’t know if they can reforge it, but I will reach out to a dwarf I know.”

“If I’m able to reforge the sword, it’ll be a valuable weapon in the fight against the rotten dragon.”

“You’re not a complete rookie, so I don’t have to be too worried. But, a Holy Sword isn’t something any old adventurer can handle.”

“Historically, the only people who could handle Holy Swords were true heroes summoned from another world. Even if we brought the Holy Sword back, I’m not sure you will be able to make full use of it.”

Linda was right that the Holy Sword was not like an ordinary weapon. It could only be wielded by true masters of the blade. However, the Holy Sword would be an indispensable tool in the fight against the rotten dragon.

Airis informed Reito, 『All Holy Swords have a level restriction on them. They cannot be used by people who are not at a certain predefined level. It’s a restraint put on the sword by ancient blacksmiths.』

『What are you talking about?』

『The person who made the sword was a valiant blacksmith summoned from another world. He would not let people who were weaker than him use the sword. He was level 70 so he put a level restriction of 70 on the sword. Therefore, it can now not be used by people with a level under 70. After he died, the dwarves who studied the sword copied the craftsmanship and imposed the same level restriction on all the Holy Swords they went on to make.』

『So, I can’t use it yet in that case』

『 That’s not necessarily the case. What determines if you can wield the outstanding power of the Holy Sword is the crystal embedded in it. The sword is just a tool to harness the power of the Lightning Stone for attack. If the Lightning Stone itself is fine, the sword can be used.』

『In other words…』

『If you take out the Lightning Stone, the sword is useless. You can repair it all you want, but you need to make sure the Lightning Stone is intact.』

『I see.』

『There’s also a way to remove the level restriction. I’ll explain that later. For now, let’s get the sword fixed.』

Reito followed Airis’s suggestion and asked Bal to give back the sword if it seemed beyond repair.

With his abilities, it should be possible to extract the power of the Lightning Stone even without the sword.

“I’m going to make sure to find someone who’ll fix up this bad boy. As for y’all… Or wait, you’re the Elves’ princess. Maybe I oughta use honorifics.”

“Don’t worry about it!”


“In that case, I’ll keep talking like I have been. Sorry, but I’m gonna have to ask you to go to the Royal Capital. With this permission form and letter, you ought to be able to get into the capital.”

Bal handed Linda two pieces of parchment. She headed out to find her dwarf blacksmith acquaintance.

Linda and crew got into Reito’s wolf-cart. It wouldn’t be possible for everyone to ride, so just Tina, Linda, and a few members of the envoy got into the wolf-cart.

Linda spoke to Reito, “I’m going to borrow this carriage and Ms. Ain for a while.”

“Have a safe trip, and take care of Tina as well.”

“Don’t worry about it!! We’re going to convince your father in the process!!”

“Keep what I said a secret, though…”

“Understood. I will not speak of you to anyone. As far as Raikofu goes, I sincerely apologize. I will leave some junior members of my envoy with you.”

“I have Ullr, so I’ll be fine.”

“Woof!!” Ullr barked as if to say he existed only to protect his master.

Tina and Linda smiled as they looked at Ullr. They gave a bow and went bouncing along in the cart.


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